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Michelle H
I have been to lots of esthetician in my time and Trisha has won me over providing excellent service and education on how to care for my skin. Her knowledge of product lines and knowing what to offer for the various seasons based on my workout and outdoors activity is unsurpassed but others. With her help and guidance my pores now smile and skin appears healthier than it has in years.

Robin Jordan
This is by far the best skincare experience in Austin.  The oxygen facial will make you glow and leave feel relaxed from head to toe.  Highly recommend booking an appointment with Trisha today!

Amelia D
Lovely!!! Trisha will get your skin glowing AND work with you to select products that are safe, natural, and work best with your skin to achieve optimal results. Since going to see Trisha, my skin has completely changed: I used to have cystic acne and scarring, and now I am so confident and happy with my skin. I'm clear of severe breakouts and have a smooth, more clear complexion thanks to her peels and products she's recommended. It's worth it! Treat yourself. She is also amazing at waxing.

Jessica F
It is always a treat to go see Trisha! Every facial I have had from her has been amazing! I always leave with a glow and feel my best. :)  I especially love the peels and oxygen facials. Her facials are amazing and so is she! :)

I brought my family and friends in to see her because of the excellent experience I had with her facials. She is both knowledgeable and listens to my requests. My skin looks spectacular and she has great hands for a massage during my treatment. I will be back many more times!! Thank you Trisha!

Simply put Trisha is a master facialist .  My skin absorbs and loves the beautiful Rhonda Allison products she applies.  And. I LOVE the gentle massage she gives me during our session.  I never want to leave!  Thank you Trisha for your passion and immense talent.

Erin T
I love seeing Trisha!  She's really helped my "newfound Austin suntanned skin" and the facials have helped get rid of the pigmentation issues!  I had to go on some medications that completely wrecked my skin and she took extra time to alter our appt regimen to help combat the damage... it was amazing!  Enjoy being there as well-nothing better than being stuck in a room for an hour and actually  liking the person who's doing your services!

Deborah Yerema

Love my facials with Trisha. My skin feels & looks so much better. Can't wait for my next one!



Kelley Cark

Another awesome oxygen facial. My face is glowing and congestion clear. Thanks again TL!




I have been looking for a skincare specialist with the knowledge, experience and technology savvy to handle my demanding skincare needs. While her oxygen facials are awesome, Trisha and her Lamprobe are an answer to prayer for anyone dealing with benign but bothersome skin imperfections like sebaceous hyperplasia. Run, don't walk to Trisha Leslie Skincare - your skin will thank you! JH



Kelley Cark

Trisha always takes the time to analyze my face prior to every facial. She listens to my questions/concerns and suggests new approaches to skin care as well as recommends products just for my skin type. I never feel rushed or pressured at my appointments 



Diana Gibson

As usual I had a great visit. I was running late trying to find the new address and even though I was 45 min late Trish took me anyway. She is always upbeat and willing to help you.



Lonni Milner

Trisha is just wonderful! My skin has never looked or felt better. The pores in my T-Zone are smaller and my skin texture is amazing. I especially love the light treatments and the enzyme peels. I am forever hooked. Thanks so much, Trisha!



Cat Haley

I had the lam probe treatment done on some of the blemishes on my face. I was very comfortable throughout the treatment. Trisha explained the process as well as recommended some treatments that would meet my needs. The experience was relaxing and enjoyable, and I will definitely schedule future facials with Trisha.



Narrie Anderson

Trisha is awesome. Very professional and knows her stuff. I probably ask her around 100 questions every time I see her. I really like the revitalight.



Jen Richardson

Been several places for waxing and Trisha Leslie is the best in the business!



Meshell Baker

The Tomato Facial is equivalent to a time machine. I absolutely love the results of Trisha's skincare over the past several months and the difference is AMAZING!




This was my first facial with Trisha Leslie Skincare. Trisha was extremely knowledgeable. I was eager to see if this would be a run in, quick face wash and leave. Thankfully it wasn't. This was a true spa experience. Trisha was extremely articulate in describing the best ways to achieve healthy skin and took the time to create a personalized regiment for me to follow. Now I can maintain healthy skin after my treatment. The environment was also very relaxing. It was an enjoyable experience and I will definitely go back. I strongly suggest you make an appointment.



Meshell Baker

Trisha is a miracle worker!!! With the onset of menapause & thyroid issues I'd been battling severe acne for the past 3 years. Which resulted in blackheads, cystic pimples, scarring and an incredible insecurity about my appearance. Trisha was able to quickly assess my skin type and specific needs which yielded immediate results. Her Acne Facials & Tomato Peels have been amazing. I can honestly say after 3 months I am a new person. My confidence is 110% and my personal & professional life have been greatly impacted by the improvement in confidence which has translated into a kinder, gentler and more graoious me!! If anyone ask me should they see is a resounding YES. Remember this is not an is INVESTMENT in yourself!!!



Narrie Anderson




Elaine Vanhorn

One of the best experiences ever because Trisha is an expert at making you feel comfortable and her detoxifying facials are amazing. I also loved the final oxygen treatment. Felt refreshed and I look forward to the next facial!!



Elaine Vanhorn

One of the best experiences ever because Trisha is an expert at making you feel comfortable and her detoxifying facials are amazing. I also loved the final oxygen treatment. Felt refreshed and I look forward to the next facial!!



Laura Neubauer

Wonderful! My skin looks better and better.



Narrie Anderson

It was awesome/Excelent.




Trisha is punctual and personable, and consistently does a great job. Occasionally she treats you to a little perk--an extra moisturizer, a few minutes of skin treatment when you're just there for a wax--which is much appreciated.



Diana Gibson

As always had a great time. Love the pampering I receive there.



Amy Brees

Very good, very relaxing. Skin felt great!



Laura Neubauer

Wonderful! My skin has never felt or looked better. Trisha is the best.



Juhee Williamso...

Trisha's pumpkin peel and oxigen treatment is my favorite!! I look forward to my next appointment!!



Lynette Ditlow

Trisha was very helpful in identifying what products would work best with my sensitive skin. I appreciated her help and attention to all the (my) fine details. I will definitely be going back to her again.



Lesley Caldwell

Trisha is precious and knows her stuff. She knows what my skin does and does not need. The oxygen is an awesome experience. My skin looks and feels great! And, there is no pressure to buy products or book services.



Brandon Watson

I've been using Trisha for several years and as a guy, she always makes it feel like I'm being pampered just like the ladies...but in a manly way. ;-)




Juliana Gilchrist


Just wanted to tell you how great the glycolic peel was!!! Thanks for sending me out of your door on my 40th birthday looking & feeling 30!!! Beautiful space & great service with a big smile! I'll be back after my vacation! Can we aim for 28? Okay, 30 is fine... 


Nicole L.

Austin, TX


Trisha ain't just a purty face!  She makes your face purty and does a fantastic job of it!  I pointed my mom her direction, and her co-workers are telling her now that she looks 10 years younger- and it's true!  You'll love her great rates and professional, personable attitude!  Go see her- your skin will thank you!


Amazing Facial 

by kcooper5

August 26, 2009

i've had facials at a number of places in Austin but Trisha Leslie is by far the best esthetician i've been to. 


Trisha is great!

by KWP

July 12, 2009

I had a peel done by Trisha, and my skin has never looked better. It feels great and looks great, and I get so many compliments. She also did my makeup for my wedding, and she did a fabulous job. It looked special yet natural, and I received a lot of compliments. It also looks great in the photos. She is also so pleasant and easy to work with.


Austin's Best Aesthetician is at Pink!

by aimeefay

January 07, 2009

Trisha at Pink does amazing work! She is a true gem and has a lovely personality. She really loves what she does, and wants to make everyone look and feel beautiful. Her facials are wonderful and relaxing. She makes the most of her time with you, uses high quality products, and is very good at assessing your skin to identify the best products and services for you individually. She has a soft touch for waxing, which - let's admit - is never the most fun service. She's fast and precise. I think my most favorite service from Trisha is eyebrows. When I first saw her over a year ago, she told me that I was really over-plucking my brows and convinced me to let them grow for awhile. Then she sculpted and shaped them, and the difference has been AMAZING!!! I was skeptical (as a compulsive plucker), but she was so right. My brows have great shape and now match my face perfectly. Overall, I highly recommend Trisha.


Cute salon, great brow and bikini wax

by happygirl10

May 19, 2008

This is a really cute little salon! I've been pretty much everywhere in town for waxing, but I decided to try out Pink's waxing services after a friend recommended them. I had a bikini wax and brow wax there last week and am so happy! The bikini wax was really quick, precise and mostly ouchless, but the main thing that made me so happy is my new eyebrows. My brows looked okay before but Tricia increased the arch slightly by waxing slightly higher on the underside and now they look amazing! A couple people have said I look energized and happier and I certainly feel smokin' now!! As far as the cost, with waxing I think you get what you pay for. This is a higher quality salon and they use high quality wax and as a person who has gotten cheap wax elsewhere I know good wax and a good waxer are well worth the money. The prices are very reasonable for the high quality! I probably won't go to anyone else now cause I don't want them to mess up my perfect new eyebrows!


Trisha @ Pink is the Best Esthetician in Austin!

by sugarfix

May 19, 2008


I'm about to reveal one of the best beauty secrets in town. Her name is Trisha. She is the esthetician at Pink Salon & Gallery. Her facials are amazing!! I have fair skin which has always been very sensitive to products. Since I've reached my 30's, I all of a sudden started having mini break outs. This is especially disturbing since I made it through my teens and twenties with clear - blemish free skin. I began spending a fortune on products to try and remedy my new problem. Nature continued to lash out on my face. Finally, I made an appointment with Trisha who worked some sort of crazy magic- on skin. She combines micro-derm, peels and potions in a customized facial especially geared to your particular needs. She goes over and beyond- and even sends you home with samples and her very own hand-mixed scrubs and beauty tips for the next week follow-up. My skin looked AMAZING!! Since I've been going to Trisha, I have people ask me all the time how I look so much younger than I am. I think I can give quite a bit of credit to the magical facials at Pink. Trisha is one of those people who has truly found her calling!


Exfoliate, Exfoliate, Exfoliate!!

by annapiendl

January 08, 2008

Aside from being absolutely adorable and as personable as can be, Trisha gave me the best facial of my life. From just one look at my skin, she was able to tell me exactly what needed to be done... EXFOLIATE and get rid of those pesky blackheads!! I have been to aestheticians all over this town and they have NEVER been able to get rid of the blackheads on my nose. Girls with oily skin... you know what i'm talking about!! But its been 3 weeks since my facial and my skin still looks like porcelain which is a first for me. Also, I must agree with one of the other reviews in that I came really close to falling asleep. I'm not sure how she does it, but she was actually massaging my back during the facial. All in all, I am more than pleased with my facial and I am actually going to ask for the 2-HR facial for my birthday! (insert hint to boyfriend here!)


Thank you Trisha, you're amazing and you'll definitely be seeing me again!!


TRISHA gives the BEST FACIALS in Austin!!

by dora17

October 04, 2007

I had never been to Pink, but went to them on a recommendation from a friend. They have a new aesthetician now named Trisha who is one of a kind! I got her regular facial and was seriously impressed with the results--my skin has never looked better. She uses high quality products without creepy chemical and preservatives. It was so relaxing that I practically fell asleep on the table. I've been to a lot of places around town, but this was seriously the best treatment I have ever had. I've also gone to her for waxing and her waxes are always quick and almost painless. To top it all off, she's really nice and likes to work with you to find a treatment that suits you--andmost importantly, she doesn't rush through things.


I will never visit another aesthetician in town again--I cant recommend her highly enough!



by htyler

August 12, 2007

WOW! Trisha is the most amazing facialist around! She made me feel so comfortable, and explained EVERYTHING! My skin has never looked so clear and soft. My husband even commented on my skin. I will be a lifelong client, as long as Trisha is doing facials. Thanks Trisha , for the wonderful experience. ~H

The microderm and Moor products are the BEST!!!!!!!!!!!


More than a facial....

by ccullen007

July 23, 2007

I am a recovering acne sufferer. I have had countless facials and been to a lot of different salons. I know longer have acne, but still like to work on other skin issues and like to use clean natural ingrediants on my skin. She uses some of the best products I've seen (and I've seen a lot)! They were even written up in the Times to be superb products! 


Getting a facial from Trisha is the most relaxing experience ever! You will be so comfortable and happy with the results. My face glowed instantly! Trisha is very knowledgeable on taking care your skin properly and is happy to share her expertise with you along with some good conversation and laughs!

Thanks Trisha!


Pure Bliss

by hairdresser1

July 18, 2007

I recently visited The Pampering Zone and was really impressed with my facial by Trish. The experience was four star from the beginning (where I slipped into the cozy facial bed ) to the end (when I left with my baby soft skin!) The products that she used were new to me (Moor) , but they all felt delicious and I loved the aromatherapy. As an esthetician, Trisha was highly skilled and even made the extractions tolerable! I left my facial with expertly shaped brows and clear glowing skin (no blotches!!) I will be back soon to treat myself to another facial - and maybe a body treatment this time... 


Best Facial!!!

by mommakain

July 08, 2007

I have never felt so pampered! Trisha really took the time to make me feel comfortable and educate me on how to take care of my skin. My skin has never looked this good. Love the products! They are the best I have ever used. 


Best Back Treatment

by jukejointscotty

July 08, 2007

Trisha is amazing. It was so relaxing and rejuvinating in a very comfortable atmosphere. I would recomend the Pampering Zone to anyone!


Treat yourself right!

by nicky_fl

July 07, 2007

Trish was wonderful!! It was the highlight of my vacation! Livng in Tampa, FL I have a lot of spas to choose from. I wish we had one as courteous and relaxing as this one. I would recomend everyone to go get "pampered" at The Pampering Zone. Nicky